Six on Saturday in The City Garden

What a resourceful man The Propagator is! Somehow we see new plants in his garden every week! By comparison I offer some further growth this week, only three new plants, and some jam.

1.We must all be growing and showing Crocosmia around this time, and I rather like it. No fuss, no problems, common as dirt – it just gets on with it. Mine are proliferating, I hope, amongst the Molinia and Sedums.


2.Nearby, in a tub (oh yes, another tub!) is a small ornamental strawberry. It is cheerful and every few days there are a few berries as a reward for the gardening.

3.Japanese Anemone ‘Pamina’ is flowering and very pretty. I think I need to give it a bit more space and encourage spreading – it is being rather swamped by the Veronicastrum and other, ‘ordinary’ Japanese Anemones. 

Japanese Anemone ‘Pamina’

4.The Euphorbia ‘Lambrook Gold’ is growing strongly with lots of healthy new shoots so I am hopeful I will have plenty of flowers in the spring next year. It is in the hot, dry bed amongst grasses.

Euphorbia ‘Lambrook Gold’

5.The grasses next to the euphorbia are doing well! Deschampsia Cespitosa is turning a wonderful gold and mixing well with the Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’. I am pleased with the combination and just need to ensure they don’t swamp the Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ which I am trying to encourage in the same area. It had a hard time when I had sedums in the same bed and I don’t want to lose it.

6.And finally there is the Damson Tree which allowed me to make Damson Jam. And yes, that is a pip you can see in the jam – just to reassure everyone it comes from real fruit!

One plum left on the Damson Tree!
The Damson Jam

I hope you enjoy my ‘Six on Saturday’ and I look forward to reading about my fellow gardeners this week!


  1. Ooo, that jam looks good.When I lived w/a damson tree, I made gin, then used the ginned fruit served w/dessert, which explains why I don’t know if damson jam is made from only damson or something else – is it? Great colour in your anemone. What are the poor, bedraggled ordinary ones?

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