Telegraph Hill Park in Lewisham

Upper Telegraph Hill Park

Telegraph Hill is a park with a Green Flag Award in Brockley, in the Borough of Lewisham, and which has outstanding views over London

Six on Saturday

Six on Saturday in the Fortnight Garden

It has been a wet day, too wet to ‘garden’ in the Fortnight Garden but not too wet to participate in Six on Saturday and seek advice from The Propagator and fellow gardeners!

Six challenges in The City Garden

Well, you have to pay for pleasure and after enjoying the sunshine and bright colours of Northern Spain I have returned to a messy, sombre garden in London. It could be worse – the gardens could be dry and dead! Nevertheless I have six challenges in the City Garden this week.

Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

I was hoping for warm weather not very long ago and here it is! The bees are gobbling up the lavender and knautia madedonica! And the clematis ‘Prince Charles’ is making a brave effort, but I think suffering from my neglect – the flowers are quite modest. On the more productive side the quinces promise to…

St Paul’s Churchyard Gardens in Deptford

Deptford is a very historic part of London – close to the River Thames and on a Celtic trackway which later became a Roman Road – Watling Street. It is named after a ford over the Ravensbourne River. I came here to visit St Paul’s Churchyard Gardens.

The City Garden underway again

It has been so busy – a photography exhibition in Suffolk and another in Brittany, followed by the ongoing project in Brittany, photographing the Parish Closes – that I haven’t paid enough attention to the City Garden. I did some work in March, which was good, but more remains to be done if I want…

Oh dear, 7 weeks of growth!

I said when I last posted that I had to wait and see happens next in the garden, having made some changes in the Spring. I have been away from the Fortnight Garden for seven weeks now and my goodness I am paying for it! I have come back to a jungle! The hedges need…

Chateau of Trevarez

The Chateau of Trevarez in Brittany

This year has been a scramble from the beginning – photography exhibition, two weeks in Brittany, a working trip to Northern France, and volunteering and photographing with Open Garden Squares Weekend in London. Blogging is out of order, but posting on Brittany is next and I must share with you the wonderful gardens at the Chateau of Trévarez which is…

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The Olympic Park or The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to give it its full name, is an initiative of the London Legacy Development Corporation to create a new residential, cultural, and business centre in the East End of London around the buildings of the Olympic Games of 2012.