The City Garden in late June

I can hardly believe I am sitting in the City Garden in late June already. What a year! A bitterly cold and long winter followed by endless rain and then a burst of heat and no rain at all. The plants have had a tough time. I have been doing a little in the garden most days, with some help. Today I was only going to tell you about The Fernery, but then I looked round and was waylaid!

The new layout in The Fernery

I moved the bench to one end so that we can sit and look out into the garden. And the small table is moved closer for balancing a cup of tea, or other suitable drink. A very old euonymus rather obstructs the view, however, and it will have to be cut back next spring.

Ferns have been repotted and are much happier in the new soil to which I have added lots of compost and fertiliser. Pots have been moved round and one or two new varieties have crept in. It isn’t quite right yet – I need to raise up some of the pots for more height variation and am looking for suitable stands to do this. Secondhand shops used to abound in our part of London but sadly no more.


I moved the hydrangea tubs to give the plants more space and light. And I think I need to cut the oldest plant hard back next spring; the new growth is coming at the ends of branches and it doesn’t look right. It really needs repotting but I am not sure if I will be able to get it out of the tub! In the meantime I have four tubs (rubbish bins with holes in the bottom) and several small pots with cuttings – I just can’t resist.

And then there are the hydrangeas dotted around the garden.


I like colours and tubs with geraniums are a good way of introducing spots of colour which can be changed every now and again.

Arum Lily

OK, there is only one flower, but it is a very nice flower!

A new Forget-me-Not

A love the variegated leaves and this is another way I find useful in creating variation in my shaded areas.

A new Brunnera in the City Garden in late June
A new Brunnera


I dug the clematis out of The Fortnight Garden because it wasn’t very happy and the best I can say for it is that it is growing. Maybe next year the flowers will be more plentiful and the plant more abundant.

Clematis in the City Garden in late June
Clematis in the City Garden in late June

And that is The City Garden in late June and my contribution to Six on Saturday. Time to sit down!


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