The Fortnight Garden in mid-June

The Fortnight Garden in mid-June is rather jungly. I tell myself it is too dense to ‘garden’ and now is the time to sit back and enjoy the profusion, particularly in the warmer evenings. However, it is some time since I have contributed to Six on Saturday so here we go.


Following Jim’s example this week I am starting with an overview from the front door on a rather dull morning.

The Fortnight Garden in mid-June
The Fortnight Garden in mid-June

White moments

And then I thought I would share little moments in the garden, sights that change quickly and may not be here next time. At the moment the scent of the philadelphus is absolutely wonderful – intense and sweet. It stands next to a variegated dogwood and nearby is one of the self-seeded ox-eye daisies which are springing up. A few have emigrated to The Pavement Garden in London!

Pink moments

Peony Bowl of Beauty – I don’t really need to say more.

Peony Bowl of Beauty
Peony Bowl of Beauty

Fruity moments

The plum crop is going to be very small – not sure why, and even the pears are holding back this year. The quinces, however, seem to be promising a bumper crop! Yet more quince jelly and membrillo.


The nepeta is full of busy bees as is the knautia which is just starting to flower, and with the lavender to come they should be happy.

Bees in the Fortnight Garden in June
Bees in the Knautia Macedonia

Wow moment

I found a small bee orchid in the lawn!

Bee orchid in the Fortnight Garden in June
Bee orchid

And that is The Fortnight Garden in mid-June – I hope Headman Jim will be happy!


  1. What a wonderful view from your front door. Over the years I have tried to have a white garden but always get tempted away from completing it by the draw of other plants and flowers, whohse colours I love.

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