The Tulip Trees in Greenwich Park

The Tulip Trees in Greenwich Park
The Tulip Trees in Greenwich Park

The Tulip Trees, Liriodendron Tulipifera, are absolutely stunning right now in Greenwich Park.

15-10-28 Greenwich Park LR-7587

15-10-28 Greenwich Park LR-7593


  1. Lovely photos, I really like these trees and many years ago used to run tree walks in a park. One day when we were examining the leaves someone said they look like little ghost shapes, so very seasonal as Halloween nears!

    • They are just stunning! I was listening to the Head Gardener at Stourhead on the radio this evening and he was in raptures over a tulip tree in their gardens!

    • Trekking across London can be an ordeal – I wonder if other parks have tulip trees? On the other hand if you would like an outing, Greenwich is interesting, there is the observatory, and you could easily spend 1.5 hours walking around the Park. ‘Trek’ is a South African word…?

      • Trekking the tube, eh? Not sure where the word comes from but know a man who will! Kew has tulip trees and I still have my membership but after my Olympic excursion to Greenwich I wanted to go back. The market seemed good too. My old car was stolen from Greenwich Park in the 1990s and or but I had to collect it from Stratford! Memories!

      • Yes, Greenwich Market is good – but I think you will have to hurry if you want to see the leaves – I will update tomorrow. I am South African so ‘trek’ is originally a Dutch word, and means a journey which usually is difficult, e.g. the Voortrekkers, and if you are South Africa you tend to mix English and Afrikaans, as in ‘It’s a trek across London!’

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