The Secret Woodland at Lavender Pond

Behind the reeds in front of the Pumphouse at Lavender Pond is another secret pond and a cool woodland area, and you can visit both on Saturday 17 June 2017 during the Open Garden Squares Weekend. This small nature reserve in the former Surrey Commercial Docks is a haven for wildlife – peaceful and quiet on the edge of the Thames and in sight of the towers of Canary Wharf. The entrance is on Rotherhithe Street, past the ‘works end’ of the site.

Lavender Pond Nature Reserve

The path winds through woodland and everywhere you can see imaginative and interesting touches, either as decoration or conservation or to encourage and safeguard wildlife.

Lavender Pond Nature Reserve

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The path leads to the pond, surrounded by duckboarding and with signs of further building work underway, including a pier into the ‘public pond’.

Lavender Pond Nature Reserve

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It is a peaceful, natural area which is carefully tended by a Warden with the help of volunteers – aren’t we lucky to have such a beautiful retreat in London! And from here you can return to the main pond and sit amongst the flowers and watch the ducks! Do visit during on Saturday 17 June during Open Garden Squares Weekend, and as often as you can at other times during the year when you need calm.

Lavender Pond Nature Reserve

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