The Brest National Botanical Conservation Centre

‘…The project then begins in the 1970s with the idea to create the first world botanical garden dedicated to the conservation of endangered plants – Jean-Yves Lesouëf The gardens were built in the Stang Alar Valley, previously a rubbish dump and quarry.

‘…The most precious treasures in the Botanical Conservatory Garden are found in tropical greenhouses: the largest concentration in France of endangered plants! …In the 1,000 m² of this area of ​​discovery, 95% of plants are threatened with extinction, some of them are extinct in nature. That is to say, they can no longer be found here or in other botanical gardens and conservatories…’ – what a frightening thought.

The Greenhouses lead visitors through different climatic regions of the world: from the wet tropical mountains –

to subtropical oceanic islands

through the dry tropics – 

Botanical Gardens in BrestBotanical Gardens in Brest

and out through the wet and steaming tropical rain forests.

Botanical Gardens in BrestThe gardens themselves are stunning and there were lots of people just wandering, sitting, running, photographing and generally enjoying the transformation of a ‘derelict’ valley into a peaceful and beautiful park.

The lake is at the Greenhouse end of the Park and seems to have been created from the quarries, fed by the river which wanders along the valley.

Botanical Gardens in Brest

Botanical Gardens in Brest

Botanical Gardens in BrestBotanical Gardens in Brest

The Gunneras were amazing, growing along the River, as were the tree ferns, the bamboos, and the magnolias. It was all beautiful.

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Above all there are numerous unusual and beautiful trees.

Botanical Gardens in BrestBotanical Gardens in BrestBotanical Gardens in Brest
You must visit this park if you possibly can while you are in Brittany – I would certainly return.

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Brest Conservatoire National Botanique


    • It is in a valley, so protected, and is really lovely – peaceful. And because it is always open to the public, free of charge (apart from the Greenhouses) people are enjoying it.

      • Such a nice idea to have them free of charge. New Zealand and Australia do the same, as far as I am aware. At least I never paid to enter any of the gardens I visited including Sydney’s botanic garden, though I think maybe you do pay to enter the tropical house which was closed when I was last there so I don’t really know!

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