Winterton House & Open Garden Squares Weekend

The Commercial Road in East London is a busy, bustling highway and Watney Street (which opens on to the Commercial Road), one of London’s oldest markets can be found here. It is always busy, multi-cultural, and with one of my favourite fabric shops. But this is a post about gardens and just round the corner is Winterton House, an uncompromising tower block of flats with a wonderful, hidden garden which was created by Melvyn and Ken from the wasteland hidden behind the building.

Ken at work getting ready for OGSW 2018

The roses in this garden are always beautiful, and varied, and the rose arch should be beautiful this year, with the plants now established.

Roses at Winterton House

Winterton House

Winterton House

There are several varieties of clematis in the garden and they are always lovely, climbing up the arches, or trained against a brick wall. And they are partnered well with some beautiful irises.

Winterton House

The hot border is filled with strong colours, and the poppies still to come – you will have to visit to see those!

Winterton House

Do visit during Open Garden Squares Weekend, on Sunday 10 June when you can also see the special breed chickens and the allotments!

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