Approach Gardens & Open Garden Squares Weekend

Approach Community Gardens looks more like parkland than allotments – this is a must-visit on Sunday 10 June during Open Garden Squares Weekend! As you walk down the road towards the garden the roses are poking through the railings and you know it is going to be beautiful.

Approach Gardens

Approach GardensThe gardens were renovated just two years ago with a donation from the Lottery Fund which paid for new, sturdy planters, amongst other things. I visited a year ago and the growth and development over the past twelve months is just amazing! Like Cable Street Community Gardens this is about the community which uses the site, and it is about complexity and diversity. Flowers and vegetable live side by side quite happily, there is a wildflower ‘meadow’, a pond, a communal orchard, and lovely green grass with tables and chairs. And quiet corners with a bench or chair and table encourages people to visit, and linger. Just lovely!

Approach Gardens

Approach Gardens

Approach GardensThe wild flower garden is in a quiet corner, slightly hidden away, and a pleasure to find. A pond is also hidden!

Approach Gardens

Approach GardensApproach GardensDo visit during Open Garden Squares Weekend!

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