Wynford Road Green

Wynford Road Green is another of the fields which were once part of Chapel Farm, like Fairy Hill Park. And way back in the Middles Ages this area was a forest and in the Great Park of Eltham Palace.

Chapel Farm

Today’s Coldharbour Leisure Centre is on the site of Chapel Farm farmhouse and the surrounding sports grounds and green spaces were fields on the farm.

Wynford Road Green
Wynford Road Green looking towards the Coldharbour Leisure Centre

Green Lane to the east and Court Road to the west of the farm both lead to the centre of Eltham where the Chapel Farm Dairy was an outlet for farm produce.

The farm had a football ground and one field close to the farmhouse was home to the Chapel Farm Cricket Club where W G Grace played his final match on 25 July 1914!

River Quaggy

The River Quaggy is a complicated little stream, with lots of tributaries and several names as well. Under the line of concrete in the photograph below is the Little Quaggy which is also culverted in Fairy Hill Park and finally emerges into The Tarn. Paul Browning has traced the course of this tributary1.

The culverted Quaggy in Wynford Road Green
The line of the culverted Little Quaggy in Wynford Road Green

The QWAG2 has been instrumental in opening up the river in Chinbrook Meadows and Sutcliffe Park. Perhaps they will be able to turn their attention to this little tributary at some point.

Wynford Road Green doesn’t appear to be a sports field and it doesn’t look like a countryside field either. I wonder if it has to be quite so bleak?

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