Will Crooks Gardens

Will Crooks Gardens is a narrow strip of grass, trees and hedging on an embankment just under the A2 and close to the Birdbrook Nature Reserve in Kidbrooke.

A little history

Will Crooks (1852-1921) was a remarkable man. He was born into extreme poverty in Poplar, East London. His father lost an arm in an accident at work and he and the children had to enter the Poplar Workhouse. Mrs Crooks was illiterate but managed to scrape together enough money as a seamstress to reunite the family. She also found a penny a week to send William to school. He was intelligent and hardworking and rose from an apprenticeship at the age of 14 to be the Labour MP for Woolwich in 1901.

Will Crooks Gardens
The gardens alongside the A2
Will Crooks Gardens
The path through the gardens passes under the A2

Summer of 2022 in Will Crooks Gardens

The summer of 2022 has been unkind to gardens and trees everywhere so I need to return after it has rained and see the gardens in a happier state.

Will Crooks Gardens
The road along the gardens
Will Crooks Gardens
Looking towards Kidbrooke Village

The summer of 2022

The trees are already turning brown and the shrubs are drooping, or just giving up for the year. Only the sloes seem to be happy!

Will Crooks Gardens
The path through the gardens and under the A2

Will Crooks Gardens is a welcome strip of grass and trees, albeit a rather noisy green space, between the A2 and housing. It leads past the Birdbrook Nature Reserve and on to Kidbrooke Village and the wonderful Sutcliffe and Cator Parks and I am sure one could design a circular walk in this area.

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