Setting off for Spain!

Finally we are able to take a real holiday and we are setting off for Spain where the explorations will be charted on LondonTraveller.

It has been a hard three years and going away and leaving the familiarity and security of base camp feels rather unreal. It is almost as if there are two of me: the relatively care-free person of three years ago, and the slightly less confident and certainly rather nervous person facing a ‘new’ Europe and then having to come back to – who knows what in the UK.

However, positive thoughts, or ‘belt and braces’ as someone said to me!

Green Lewisham has been published and is available on Amazon and through Waterstones, and the work on Green Greenwich is going to take a little break. Hopefully it will rain in the break and I will be able to photograph green grass again in the autumn, as well as autumn leaves!

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