William Barefoot Gardens

William Barefoot Gardens is a small garden against the hillside under Woolwich New Cemetery. It has an expanse of grass and a path which leads through terraces up the hillside. At the top is a locked gate into the cemetery.

The site was previously part of the Wickham Lane Brickworks complex which was landscaped as a garden which opened in 1942.

William Barefoot (1872-1941) was a local Councillor in Eltham and Mayor of Woolwich three times who served on the National Executive of the Labour Party. He is also remembered in Well Hall Pleasaunce and William Barefoot Drive in the Coldharbour Estate.

Williams Barefoot Gardens
A flat section of grass alongside the road
Williams Barefoot Gardens
Terraces on the sloping hillside
Williams Barefoot Gardens
The path up the hillside
Williams Barefoot Gardens
Top section of the path
Williams Barefoot Gardens
Locked gate into the cemetery

Views in the park

Williams Barefoot Gardens
Looking towards Bostall Woods

William Barefoot Gardens is a pleasant small green space, hidden away in the Wickham Lane valley.

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