Bostall Community Garden

Visiting Bostall Community Garden is like going through the looking glass in Alice’s Wonderland. It hides away behind a gate in one corner of Bostall Gardens and unlike the park it is lush, productive and absolutely beautiful. This is undoubtedly the greenest green space which I have found in the Borough of Greenwich.

Entrance to Bostall Community Garden
Entrance to Bostall Community Garden


Even though it is quite small there are different areas in the community garden. There is a ‘proper’ garden with trees, shrubs and flowers. Even in the autumn it was fully of pretty things to see and enjoy.

Bostall Community Garden
Inside the gate of Bostall Community Garden with the Head Gardeners!

And there is even a little corner where you can just sit and enjoy the view.

Bostall Community Garden
A corner for sitting

Fruit and veg

Wow! The beds are immaculate, full of interesting vegetables. There are also lines of fruit canes and fruit trees and a greenhouse for tender and exotic fruit and vegetables. Everything is flourishing, even at the end of the season. Each gardener has only one raised bed and so the space is treasured and abundant. I imagine the competition for ‘Best Gardener’ is fierce!

Vegetables in Bostall Community Garden
The vegetable beds in Bostall Community Garden

Bostall Community Gardens is quite wonderful and a huge tribute to the people who started the project in 2014 when the space was a rubbish dump. It is also a tribute to those who continue to maintain the gardens in such wonderful condition and a lesson to all of. We don’t always need to turn to the Council or the Government – we can do it for ourselves. I look forward to returning in the spring and summer.

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