The Fortnight Garden at Easter

This is indeed a weekend for reflection and contemplation and in The Fortnight Garden at Easter there is also time and space for yet more hard work. The lesson, which sadly I seem to have to relearn rather often is that it would be better to garden for an hour or so a day than not at all! So here are my Six on Saturday.

The Fortnight Garden at the beginning of April

What a mess! This little patch hasn’t had any attention at all for nearly three months and it shows! Nevertheless it has been getting on growing as best it can, and so here are my Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden at the beginning of April. My plan for the next weeks was a lot of vigorous gardening but a slippage in my lower back has put that plan on hold. At least I can still hold the camera!

Plant combinations

The Suffolk garden is now in its 6th season – I can hardly believe so many years have passed – so much has happened in that time. I have worked at trying to understand the plants and how they grow, and which combinations work and which do not. And along the way I have ‘discovered’ Piet Oudolf. This post is about the blindingly obvious, but for beginners it just takes time to understand what is obvious to the more experienced gardener.

Planting Ideas for the Patio Bed and the Flint Wall

Some new ideas – very different! Firstly the Patio Bed which is surrounded by paving and which enjoys partial sun during some of the day. It really needs something scented, or perhaps startling.

The Flint Wall Bed is mainly shaded, but also protected and I think this is the final decision on the planting.

Patio Planting

We have a small bed on the side of the patio and the planting needs to be ‘interesting’. Bergenia ‘Abendglut’ leaves are burnt Sienna in winter, followed by deep purple flowers in March and April, and then the leaves turn green in the summer. Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ flowers in May & June; Liriope Muscari’s lavender flowers appear in August to September, and Anenome ‘Honorine Joubert’ is gracefully white from August to October. Perhaps I should consider Libertia Grandiflora in this bed? White flowers in April and May and interesting, spikey green foliage all year. What do you think? Will this be ‘soft’ enough? Will it be snail-resistant?

Bergenia 'Abendglut'
Bergenia ‘Abendglut’


Anenome Honorine Joubert
Anenome Honorine Joubert



New plantings

The flint wall along one side of the garden is beautiful and I don’t want to cover it up.

The flint wall
The flint wall

If money was unlimited I might consider raising the height of the wall for privacy with pleached trees.

Pleached trees (
Pleached trees (

Or I could have a mass planting along the bottom of the wall.





The bergenias

I love bergenias – large, shiny leaves in the summer, purples leaves in the winter, and spectacular deep magenta flower heads in the spring.

And I love the white bergenias, at first hidden amongst the leaves and then gradually growing taller. And their leaves are a bright, shiny colour in the summer.

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