David Austin’s ‘William Shakespeare’

My roses are flowering abundantly but the flower heads are so heavy the stems are bending downwards and when I tried to lift and stake I broke a stem. I phoned David Austin and was told that the roses will get stronger as they age, and that I should consider pruning in November, rather than February. I think I should also provide stronger stakes, in a kind of cradle shape. So far I can’t find anything on the internet…

'William Shakespeare'

‘William Shakespeare’

Three bushes of 'William Shakespeare'

Three bushes of ‘William Shakespeare’

I wondered about this shape, which I found on Pinterest –


Or perhaps a more natural material –

Hazlewood rose support

Hazlewood rose support

The support seems to look like this –

Willow garden cloches. Protect plants from animals, and/or provide support to plants that need a little protection from the wind, or a place to climb. 

Or perhaps a combination of the two, a vase shape, with an inner ring, and made out of willow, or hazlewood –

flower supports

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