Cake Shapes

I have some new toys! I have been thinking about The Cake Book and need to get it moving. One of the ideas is to have a distinctive shape for each kind of cake, well, some distinctive shapes – inevitably most cakes will be round, and several will be baked in sandwich tins, but I felt a few unusual shapes would be ‘a good idea’. Hence the new toys!

Carrot Cake is for a musician friend, but I draw the line at instrument-shaped cakes – at least at this point! So, I think this shape could look good – perhaps the friend will have other ideas.

Shape for Carrot Cake

Shape for Carrot Cake

I would like to include Chiffon Cake because I remember baking these when I started baking, as a teenager, and have my original recipe. These tins are bigger than I had in mind so will take a lot of eggs. I also need to find a friend who enjoys Chiffon Cakes.

Shape for Chiffon Cake

Shape for Chiffon Cake

Don’t you think this is a stunning shape? I have in mind quite a plain cake, perhaps a Butter Cake or Pound Cake of one or other variety. I think this time is for a cake which does not need icing or covering to allow the shape to ‘shine’.

Shape for Butter Cake

Shape for Butter Cake

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