Japanese Anemones

I planted Three Anemone ‘Hadspens Abundance’ in March 2011 and I have been learning how to look after them. Last year the anemones grew very tall, and then fell over. So, this spring, my third year with the plants, I surrounded them with bamboo canes, with string circles at two different levels, and waited. And I was rewarded with tall, upright Anemone ‘Hadspens Abundance’! Success! I have learned how to care for this perennial.

Anenome 'Hadspens Abundance', July 2011

Anemone ‘Hadspens Abundance’, July 2011

Anenome 'Hadspens Abundance', mid-August 2012

Anemone ‘Hadspens Abundance’, mid-August 2012

Anenomes on 21 May 2013

Anemones on 21 May 2013

Anenome 'Hadspens Abundance' in mid-August 2013

Anemone ‘Hadspens Abundance’ in mid-August 2013

2 thoughts on “Japanese Anemones

  1. Thank you – I am just so pleased that I got this right! The leaves, as you probably know, are Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’. I bought three plants in Year 1 and then divided. Year 4, next year, I will leave them in peace. The hot weather damaged the leaves somewhat, sadly.

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