2015 Reviewed & 2016 Outlined

2015 whizzed past and for the first time I am looking back at what I have achieved and setting out some ideas for 2016 – rather late! The Enthusiastic Gardener is a refashioned site which focuses on ‘Town and Country’ gardening and enables me to include visits to other gardens and parks.

Restructuring the London garden was a very big job and after planting I left it entirely alone for the remainder of the year – Spring will be hard work and fun! In Suffolk I also planted new grasses and thinned out and look forward to seeing the new ideas taking shape in 2016.

Part of the garden in Suffolk

I visited Piet Oudolf’s garden at Pensthorpe and absolutely loved it!





And the Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne was magical, even though the hydrangeas were mainly over, and I will visit again in 2016.

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

Parc Botanique de Haute Bretagne

I visited Wisley, Hyde Hall, Beth Chatto’s gardensand many of the gardens during the Open Squares & Gardens Weekend in London.

In 2016 I would like to achieve the following:

  • A better balance in the London planting
  • Coherent changes in Suffolk
  • Posts on the plants I am growing – where they are planted and what does, and does not, work
  • A visit to at least two historical or significant gardens


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