Open Squares in London, no.2

The 4.5 acres of Belgrave Square were planted by Thomas Cubitt in 1826 – today it is quite simply stunning – parkland in the centre of London for residents of the square.

Belgrave Square

Eaton Square was started in 1826 for the Duke of Westminster, the landowner.

Eaton Square

Eaton Square

Chester Square was laid out in 1828-40 by the first Duke of Westminster and his architect, Thomas Cundy.

15-6-14 Open Squares LR-5253

15-6-14 Open Squares Low Res-2787

St Michael's Church, Chester Square

Eccleston Square dates from 1928 when Thomas Cubitt designed a 3-acre garden to replace the existing swamp. Today the garden is filled with unusual plants and trees and includes the National Ceanothus Collection.

Eccleston Square

15-6-14 Open Squares LR-5260


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