June: The Essence of Summer

The roses are starting to flower in Greenwich Park Rose Garden. Just Joey is just gorgeous.

Just Joey

Just Joey Just Joey

Just Joey

And I am sharing this with Garden Photography.

9 thoughts on “June: The Essence of Summer

  1. What a beauty! Love the roses that have so many subtle colours in them – the salmon-pink, the burnt-orange, pale pink and even a splash of magenta. We walk by so quickly it is when we stop to photograph a rose (or any flower) that we see so much. Thank you for linking to the challenge Candy. Hope to see more.
    Jude xx

    1. Thank you, I am sure I will join in again – the roses are just starting, and the paeonies are still to come. I am struggling slightly with a new macros lens on the Canon 600D SLDR camera, but determined to succeed!

      1. Macro lenses are not easy to use, I know! But worth it when it goes right. Love paeonies so please link those to me, a bit too windy where I live now to grow them.

      2. No I only ‘do’ WordPress. I think that’s more than enough to keep me out of trouble 🙂

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