The Compound, Stave Hill Ecology Park

‘…Set within the main ecology park, the Compound is the site in miniature… The Compound is managed by The Conservation Volunteers [who] aim to create a space where visitors can find peace, inspiration and ideas to take away. The Compound is also a workspace and the base for the practical work carried out in the surrounding woodland and meadows. Here is where gabions, bird boxes and art works are created for the park…’.

The Compound and the Stave Hill Ecological Park are participating in the Open Garden Squares Weekend.

The Compound and Visitor Centre at Stave Hill

As I walked through the gate I had one of those ‘Aha’ moments – ‘Aha, this is going to be interesting, imaginative, and different!’ The Visitor Centre is indeed amazing – a must-visit during the Open Garden Squares Weekend, or indeed whenever it is open.

Stave Hill

I love these Insect Hotels, or Habitat Towers as they are called here. They would look wonderful in any domestic garden!

Habitat Towers at Stave Hill

While the Visitor Centre is mainly educational there are always ‘pretty corners’ if one just searches.

Valerian and Lavender at Stave Hill

Climbing rose at Stave Hill

And of course there are wild flowers.

Stave Hill

Stave Hill

Stave Hill

What a brilliant idea – a growing wigwam for schools!

A growing wigwam for schools

Recycling all kinds of materials is a major theme in the Visitor Centre. Throughout the Centre the plant containers are always imaginative and interesting and always recycled material – old bits of wood, plastic bottles, bits of plastic guttering, tyres – anything!

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

Screens – well, they were built to carry the internet cable!

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

The Visitor Centre, Stave Hill

Do visit this fascinating Centre in your wanderings around the Stave Hill Park!

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