Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

I was hoping for warm weather not very long ago and here it is!

The bees are gobbling up the lavender and knautia madedonica! And the clematis ‘Prince Charles’ is making a brave effort, but I think suffering from my neglect – the flowers are quite modest. On the more productive side the quinces promise to be abundant again, there seem to be enough plums for jam, and we are going to have a fair number of pears. And those are my ‘Six on Saturday’! Do check what other keen gardeners are collecting!

Lavender – and bee

Knautia macedonica – with bee!

Knautia macedonica

Clematis ‘Prince Charles’

Clematis ‘Prince Charles’

Getting ready for plum jam!

The conference pear which faithfully produces fruit every year


6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday in The Fortnight Garden

  1. Great photos, I like the way you have presented them. I used to have knautia but not anymore I must rectify that


    • Thank you! and thank you for visiting. The best, most vigorous knautia plant is growing in gravel and was self-seeded! Clearly they don’t need much care or attention once established. As they are happy I am allowing them to spread and just dead-head.


    • Yes, the quince tree, Meachers Prolific, has been just that and I have rows of jelly and boxes of membrillo! The pear is espaliered against a fence and is quite protected with plenty of light and sunshine. All the fruit trees get a bucket of water once a fortnight and rain inbetween. It is the plum tree which has given the most difficulty because I have not known how to prune. It seems to bear on old wood and much prefers not to be pruned at all.


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