The middle of May in The Fortnight Garden

The middle of May in The Fortnight Garden and the garden is starting to look good! OK, so today is Sunday but this is still my Six on Saturday because Saturday was spent in hospital, again. But at least I now know what the problem is and can find a way forward.

The view from the front door

It is sunny and warm and there is no wind! When I opened the front door this morning the garden looked really rather nice, but even so I could see a few patches where I need to pay attention. Because it is so densely planted all the plants have to ‘pull their weight’ – non-performers show up immediately. But hey, let’s focus on the positive this morning.

Mid-May in The Fortnight Garden
View from the front door in the morning

Six on Saturday

1.The gorgeous Libertia Grandiflora, which I just love, continues to flower! The small plants which I pulled apart from the original are proving surprisingly slow to flourish; I hope some will take.

Libertia Grandiflora
Libertia Grandiflora

2.The blues in the garden complement the pinks and whites at this time of year: geraniums, vinca, and of course Nepeta, much loved by the bees.

3.Pinks and reds are planted around the garden. Pink lamium is just starting to flower, and London Pride has been pretty for a week or two now. A weigela, stuck away in a narrow passage at the side of the house, is lovely. This poor shrub really deserves better and I might try to take some cuttings in the hope of finding it a more deserving home. Centranthus pops up anywhere!

4.The alchemilla are going to flower! They have popped up in several places, even in the gravel, and are here to stay.

5.The greys are perhaps a surprising colour to find in my garden. I like colour and grey really is a non-colour. Despite its lack of colour the curry plant casts its scent over the garden, particularly when it is warm.

Curry plant in mid-May in The Fortnight Garden
Curry plant about to flower

6.The tub of mint is looking good for eating! Its young green leaves look juicy and it is suggesting ‘mint ice cream’ very strongly indeed!

Mint tub in the garden

And that is the middle of May in The Fortnight Garden. The garden has made good progress since April! Thank you to The Propagator and I look forward to reading about my fellow gardeners’ efforts during the past week.

Early morning in the garden


  1. It all looks beautiful – I love Alchemilla when it rains and the water collects in the leaves, and your mint looks very healthy. Mine got rust last year and I cut it all back. It is very slow to grow this year so I might ditch this lot and buy afresh. I can’t believe that I can’t grow mint!

    • Thank you – I also love the raindrops on the alchemilla leaves! And yes, the mint is doing well, but at some point it will need replacing – I have no idea how I will get it out of the tub!

    • Thank you Anne – praise indeed! It was hard, slow work for several weeks but I am pleased with the result. Every morning the spaces are getting smaller and the garden looks more lush

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