A Shady Patio Bed in London

I am finding the Patio Bed another difficult area – semi-shaded, good soil but chalky a few feet down. I was not happy with the positioning of plants last year and so I have made some changes this year, the second year.

The patio garden in Suffolk is very small, but crammed with plants, and the star of the moment is the Libertia Grandiflora which I love photographing! 

Late evening in Suffolk

The garden in Suffolk is growing fast, despite the generally chilly and windy weather. Yesterday evening I wondered if the small camera, Canon SX240HS, would cope with the twilight – for all its limitations it really does produce amazing closeup results with a 4.5-90mm lens.

Patio Planting

We have a small bed on the side of the patio and the planting needs to be ‘interesting’. Bergenia ‘Abendglut’ leaves are burnt Sienna in winter, followed by deep purple flowers in March and April, and then the leaves turn green in the summer. Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ flowers in May & June; Liriope Muscari’s lavender flowers appear…