Early July in the City Garden

It is already early July in the City Garden – where is the year going? And the sun has turned round and is heading south again. It seems more a cause for sadness than celebration.

I thought I would try six slightly different thoughts this weekend. Rather than talk about working in the garden I am going to enjoy it on this occasion.

Early morning check

Every morning I open the French doors into the garden and walk round the garden. I like to connect with the plants before the day starts, just make sure we are both ok. This morning I had the pleasure of sitting for a few moments on the freshly oiled bench in the rearranged and tidied fernery. The smell of linseed oil is very satisfying and the bench looks shiny and new. The enormous cotoneaster has been cut down, the overhanging rose tidied up and the euonymus was also cut back yesterday.

Looking into the fernery in the evening
Looking into the fernery in the evening
And looking out of the fernery in the early morning
And looking out of the fernery in the early morning

Fern chat

The pots of ferns have been rearranged in the fernery and I have two thoughts about them: do I have too many pots? Or could I perhaps squeeze in a few more?

Afternoon tea

I have been for a walk, done as little housework as possible, and now it is time for a cup of tea. After some quiet contemplation Wimbledon is on the TV and offers spills and thrills, perhaps.

Hydrangea indulgence

Well, there has to be an hydrangea! There are always hydrangeas in July. But all is not well in the Garden of Eden. I notice some of the stems are turning black and dying. HELP!

Hydrangea ‘Dark Angel'
Hydrangea ‘Dark Angel’

Joy of the week

The little robin follows me round the garden, sometimes as close as a foot away. We chat, but she doesn’t want to linger for a portrait. I will keep trying. Instead the joy this week, and in many other weeks, is the early morning light through the plants.

Evening glass of wine

Of course the real joy comes at the end of the day when I am so tired I can barely move. Now is the time to sit down with a medicinal glass of white wine and just breathe!

Medicinal white wine!
Medicinal white wine!

Early July in the City Garden feels a good time to enjoy the last few months of hard work. The garden is almost tidy and the book is published next week. I hope The Propagator forgives ‘just sitting’ this week!



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