Looking for inspiration in Greenwich Park

It has been a chilly, damp, grey day in London, one of those days when you don’t really want to do anything but know you ought to take some exercice. So I took myself to Greenwich Park to compare progress with the London Garden.

The Fortnight Garden – Spring in Suffolk

The garden in Suffolk should really be called ‘The Fortnight Garden’ because that is what I am trying to do – make an interesting garden on a few day’s attention once a fortnight. Crazy! I returned from wonderful weeks in South Africa to find the garden in Suffolk hadn’t missed me at all; instead it…

Colours in Suffolk

I have been digging, clearing and dividing in Suffolk and need a moment to enjoy the colours in the garden. I hope all the bare patches will soon become green and colourful!

Last tidyup before Spring

It was a mild day in Suffolk, and not raining so I had a chance to tidy up in the garden – a task I had not anticipated doing until March! I cleared Japanese Anemones off the paving and cut down the sedums – both are on the compost heap now. And although it is…

Starting to garden again!

The weekend weather was mild and so I tackled the garden. The side fence and wall were cleared of clematis and ivy, and rampant rose branches were cut out. A local man is going to build a store for the wood, using pallets left from a neighbouring building. The Japanese Anenomes, starting to scatter seed everywhere, were…