Dan Lepard’s Coffee Cake

Last weekend I tried Dan Lepard’s Double Espresso Brazil Nut Cake from his fabulous book Short and SweetI used Delia Smith’s Coffee Mousseline Icing from Delia Smith’s Book of Cakes as a filling and a coffee water icing (with a splash of lemon) over the top. The cake froze well and tastes very good – not too strong, but definitely coffee. It is soft, but not mushy, and it isn’t dry.

Dan Lepard's Espresso Brazil Nut Cake

Dan Lepard’s Espresso Brazil Nut Cake

As you may remember, there were two different coffee cakes for the concerts last weekend, and although this tastes good I am not sure I have quite found what I am looking for in a coffee cake.

Coffee cake needs to go in ‘The Book’, Candy Bakes for Friends, and it will be for Margaret in the pub, so it has to be good!

2 thoughts on “Dan Lepard’s Coffee Cake

  1. ‘Concerts at Cratfield’ is a series of six concerts in the Church in Cratfield, two per month, in July, August and September. Just Google the name and it will come up. I think Dan Lepard is brilliant and included his Orange Cake in an earlier post, and previous concert.


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