Avery Hill Winter Garden

I was excited about seeing the Winter Garden at Avery Hill, where, I was told, ‘…The well-stocked Winter Garden is open to the public, and to the west are terraced flower gardens… The main domed structure was “flanked by fernery and conservatory, the best survival in London of such Victorian extravaganzas” (Pevsner) and it took 8 years to build. In the eastern conservatory is a fountain with a marble statue of ‘Galatea Reclining on a Dolphin’, 1882, by Leopoldo Ansiglioni, which depicts the figure and dolphin surrounded by 4 bronze birds and a group of sea turtles…’. Wonderful! I could hardly wait!

Avery Hill

Avery Hill Winter Garden

There were some beautiful geraniums, including a few with scented leaves.

Geraniums? Let’s look closer.

Avery Hill Winter Garden

Avery Hill Winter Garden

Scatted in the devastation I saw these plants.

Are these the ‘..terraced flower gardens..’?

Avery Hill

Avery Hill

Avery Hill

Avery Hill

A parttime gardener was doing what she could with no resources, remembering the lost glory to the consoling sounds of Radio 3.

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