Bumblebees & Echinacea

I popped into the Suffolk garden at the end of a hot day and found this bumblebee in the echinaceas – wonderful!

Bumblebee on the echinacea
Echinacea with bumblebee
Echinacea with bumblebee
Echinacea with bumblebee


  1. Now we need to identify the bumble bee. Have just signed up to Bumblebee conservation Trust and there’s a link for photographers! Maybe a buff tailed one. I can’t believe there’s so many types, about 26 in UK. Lovely shots.

  2. dear candy,
    what lovely pictures 🙂 so cute. although i am by no means an expert, i tried to identify the bumble bee and think that this is a “Bombus vestalis”, in english that might be “vestal cuckoo bumblebee”. anyone agree?

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