Piet Oudolf’s Millennium Garden, Pensthorpe

I returned to Pensthorpe to linger in Piet Oudolf’s Millennium Garden which seemed even more beautiful than ten days ago. The grasses are wonderful and the perennials are in full bloom. Don’t miss visiting this garden!

Molinia Caerulea 'Transparent' at Pensthorpe
Molinia Caerulea ‘Transparent’ at Pensthorpe
Millennium Garden, Pensthorpe
Millennium Garden, Pensthorpe
Carex, Pensthorpe

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    • Thank you for visiting! It is indeed peaceful and wonderfully coloured, but I think ‘chaos’ is not right – a mass of colour and activity, dense, waving and tightly organised and controlled. Plant shapes controlled, colour contrasts controlled, contours controlled – control everywhere!

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