The City Garden on a wet Saturday

It has been a busy week followed by a grey and wet Saturday which was not conducive to gardening. However, there was a little window in the wind and rain and I popped out for an hour in the City Garden on a wet Saturday to find Six on Saturday. Unlike The Propagator my bulbs are still looking accusingly at me – next week!

1.Leaves! The damson tree, birch tree, and liquidamber are shedding leaves all over the lawn and had to be raked up as a first task. It is hard work raking up leaves.

Leaves in the City Garden
Liquidamber leaves on the grasses
Leaves in the City Garden
One of several piles which went into the compost heap

2.I ummed and aahed over the Heucheras and whether or not they should be restarted as cuttings and as I cut out old flowers they came out of the pot – the bottom of the stems were decayed, despite the healthy appearance of the leaves. So, decision made for me I planted some previously rooted cuttings and stuffed the uprooted bits into pots.

3.It took quite a long time to pull the dead leaves out of the libertias and this clump is now neater for the spring. There are two more which need attention and when the trees have been pruned I have some cuttings which need to be planted out.

Libertias in the City Garden
Tidied Libertias

4.I am not sure why  EA Bowles is flowering but I was happy to find these few flowers.; and 5. Round the corner were some more mauve flowers, on an unknown geranium, and very welcome!

6.And finally, the cotoneaster in the fernery is covered in berries!

Cotoneaster berries

Oh dear, there is a lot to be done in the City Garden, and as it gets colder I feel increasingly reluctant to do the work. I look forward to seeing what my fellow gardeners are doing with Six on Saturday in these wet conditions!

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