Burda 11/2012 – Fitted Jacket

Burda 11/2012~127b

Burda 11/2012~127b

Well, Plan A didn’t succeed on to Plan B!

I have gone down a size and recut as 40, grading to 42 over hips. I also took in the princess seam at the front bust, and let out the back seams around the waist – can you see the ‘pulling’ around the waist in the photograph? That means the pattern is tight. There was also no need to lengthen the jacket and I have gone back to the original length.

So, with the pattern now fitting and much learned two things follow:

  1. I move on to the assembly of a jacket. I have ironed in fusible interfacing to the front pieces and half of the sides and back, collar, pocket flaps, and back facing and wait to find out what the next lesson brings
  2. I am absolutely determined to draft my own jackets in the future!

Isn’t this jacket beautiful? The dress is lovely too – it must be possible to draft these pieces and I am going to work at it using Eilleen Lewis’ Pattern Ruler. It is marvellous! I have made some simple pieces with it, but I want to try something more ambitious which I can then learn to tailor in my evening class.

Nina Ricci Dress & Jacket

Nina Ricci Dress & Jacket

I also have this coat in my sights! Yes, it is hugely ambitious as I have never made a tailored jacket before, but hey, let’s aim high. The Pattern Ruler is easy to use and material in Lewisham market is cheap.

Sybil Connolley Coat

Sybil Connolley Coat

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