Cratfield Open Weekend

Well, fired up by the pleasure of the garden and enjoyment from ‘Open Gardens’ in other villages, I have suggested to Cratfield that we ‘Open Gardens’ to fundraise for specific projects in the Village Hall and the Church of St Mary.

And because my background is fundraising I started thinking how we might enhance the event to draw in more visitors. So, watch this site, and if you are in Suffolk on 14 and 15 June 2014 do come along!

And I have to ensure my own garden is ready. In the back garden the bergenia ‘Abendglut’ needs to be thinned out and potted up (with labels!), either for London or for the plant sales which we are planning. Three years ago I bought one overgrown pot and now I have this –

Bergenia 'Abendglut'
Bergenia ‘Abendglut’
The same plants in mid-March this year
The same plants in mid-March this year

The front garden is looking remarkably lush too –

The front garden in October 2013
The front garden in October 2013

I have started thinning bergenias – ‘David’, and ‘Silberlicht’ – and I am potting up lots of Stipa Tenuissima seedlings. They were beautiful in 2012, but last winter killed them. I have great hopes for the seedlings which I will overwinter in my new plastic, mini-greenhouse. I think they are stunningly beautiful.

Stipa tenuissima in 2012
Stipa tenuissima in 2012

And then I had to pause and do other things, like dream up a poster for the weekend. What do you think?

Poster for Creative Cratfield, no.14

or perhaps

Poster for Creative Cratfield, no.12

and then we will need black and white notices for local newsletters –

Advert no.6


    • Thank you! The garden was designed by Jason Locke of DeakinLock Garden Design, and remade and planted three years ago. I am pleased with the way in which it is growing!

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