The Fortnight Garden in late June

Three weeks had passed since I was in Suffolk and after days of extreme heat I wondered what I would find. There is no watering system in the garden and the plants just have to do the best they can. To my relief the garden had come through – it was dry and clearly gasping for water, but it was alive!

I am really pleased with the planting in the patio bed – I love the purples of the Veroniastrum, Salvias, and Nepeta. And they will give way in July to the white and yellow of Leucanthemum and Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’. The Japanese Anemones should be white in August and September, and all the way through I should see the Roseraie de L’Haye. 

Monk Frith garden

Stephanotis in Monk Frith garden

Roseraie de L'Haye

At the side of the garden, in the shade of the neighbours two enormous trees, the dogwoods are slowly coming out, the Philadelphus smells wonderful, the Sedums should have had the Chelsea Chop, and I have just cut down the Geranium Phaeum ‘Samobor’. The Montbretia ‘Lucifer’ is just starting, but the border isn’t quite ‘right’ and I think I should replant – but when? Perhaps March is the best time, just as everything is setting off to grow. I need to think about this.

Heuchera, Philadelphus, Sedums, Dogwoods, MontbretiaPhiladelphusMontbretia 'Lucifer'At the bottom of the garden it looks too crowded and some patches look ‘wrong’ – I think it doesn’t have enough of a ‘character’ – maybe there should be more of those montbretia, interspersed with the knautia – more thinking needed! Nevertheless, everything has survived the hot weather and my three-week absence.

Monk Frith front garden

I like the combination of William Shakespeare, Alchemilla, and lavender and want to introduce more lavender next year. And the entrance path, lined with grasses and bergenia, looks spot on, and I am pleased.

Alchemilla, William Shakespeare, Lavender

LavenderStipa Gigantea, Stipa Tenuissima, Miscanthus, BergeniaAnd the back terrace is growing well, with gorgeous roses over the fence.

Back terrace, Monk Frith Hydrangea 'Annabelle'Roses at Monk Frith

Now I need to introduce some G&T!

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  1. Your garden looks divine! Love the grasses and the roses. And all those lovely purple plants. Good to know they survived the heat. Sadly my roses are taking a hit from the wind and rain now, just when they were looking so gorgeous.

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