Bursting with life

Isn’t this beautiful? It is the seed pod of Anenome ‘Hadspens Abundance’, about which I wrote to my friend at some length last year, and it is literally bursting with life. It is a good thought on an evening when someone else enters into the shadows of my life.

Anenome 'Hadspens Abundance'

2 thoughts on “Bursting with life

  1. Hello – I’ve just found your blog! I’ve scrolled down to the bottom – your garden is lovely. I see Jason Lock helped you create it. I believe Jason worked for Notcutts in Woodbridge some years ago, so no wonder he’s good. I’m looking forward to reading your entries, but I can’t help thinking the you’ll going to tempt into making some of those lovely cakes …. c’est la vie. Best wishes.

    1. Yes, Jason did work at Nottcutts and is very capable, and Johan vandenberg-Hider who built the garden is marvellous too. I am pleased you enjoyed the blog and hope to see you again. And I hope to work on the cakes too. I tried a new one today and will post shortly.

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